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Much has been said of the work of Eduardo Sarabia. An artist of such renown and such an international dimension, has necessarily been subject to analysis and profes- sional criticism. This means that the facets of the person and the persona inevitably come together at many points, and have been commented on and exposed to the public that is following in the young creator’s footsteps.


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Instituto Cultural Cabañas 2014

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca 2014



History of the World

por Eduardo Sarabia, Patrick Charpenel, Benjamin Godsill


History of the World by Eduardo Sarabia reproduces ten oil paintings based on the artist's family events and daily life. Reinterpreting the photographs as oil paintings he interrupts the viewer's reading of the figures and landscape with abstract markings, which also redefine the space within the composition. The book also includes an introductory section showing Sarabia's signature iconography; drawings used on the surface of the artist's ceramic works-his vases and plates. Fusing imagery of illegal contraband (from scantily clad, provocative women to marijuana leaves and automatic weapons) and more traditional folklore type decoration (cockerels, goats, wildlife), Sarabia's drawings address contemporary issues whilst referring to his Mexican heritage and parodying the cultural clichés surrounding drug smuggling, illegal trade and machismo.

The Gift

por Eduardo Sarabia


A spoof on the format of SkyMall Shopping Magazine or any 1-800 mail-order catalogue, The Gift is a survey catalogue of the works of artist Eduardo Sarabia, (born in 1976) published to accompany his installation contribution to the 2008 Whitney Biennial of the same name. The installation consisted of a storeroom neatly packed with objects such as mermaid tails, horse heads, banana boxes and decorated Chinese vases-replicas of each of the artist's works to date. For each item included in the catalogue, Sarabia invited a writer, artist, curator or critic to create a brief speculative description of it from his or her own unique perspective.

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Relacion de un Interes

por Eduardo Sarabia, Ciara Ennis, Christine Y. Kim


This charming and elegant artist's book tracks Eduardo Sarabia, grandson of the treasure hunter Felipe Sarabia, as he searches the Sinaloa mountain range for Pancho Villa's lost gold, along with a Mexican policeman, a Tijuana drug dealer and a bandit.